Millefiori Passacaglia

Yes, its certainly a mouthful! A few years ago, Willyne Hammerstein wrote a book called Millefiori Quilts, that took off like wildfire on the internet. However, I havent seen it locally, and many of my clients had never heard of it. So, I thought I'd share my progress. The book has 19 patterns, and I saw the Passacaglia pattern on Pinterest in the Spring of 2016 and decided to try one. This Passacaglia is from Wendy Walsh of New Zealand. She also runs a facebook page for Millefiori makers, and blogged her progress here.

Wendy Walsh's version of Millefiori Passacaglia

Now, I know its important to support the authors/designers. However, this book is $50, only available through Quiltmania in the US, and last year my budget didnt allow for that much. I also knew that the pattern was hand pieced, BUT that the company Paper Pieces had sets of english paper piecing that I could use to get some centers done. But those sets were $25 each. I decided to get the papers and start, while I saved my pennies for the book. Here's a few centers I have going.

You can fussy cut or not, the choice is yours. I've done both.

Then I dug around in my stash to find fabrics for the next ring of pentagons. These are waiting to be cut and sewn on. One thing I did learn was batiks are tough to use because of the tight weave. So as much as I love them, Im avoiding them as long as Im hand stitching.

And here are some already done.

My favorite so far is this one, because of the cute little kitties marching in a circle.

Now you cant tell by the picture, because I take mediocre pictures at best. But this outside ring is black and purple. Im not sure if Im going to use it, because my stars are all going to be black. We will see. For now he's on stand-by. I have to make 33 centers, so he may get in due to laziness on my part.

As you can can see, I have a little pucker on this one. I told myself when I started this project, I wasnt going to beat myself up. I was going to have fun, and stitch my best. Its going to take a while and I'd like to actually finish! haha. I know a lot will quilt out, so I sew the piece on and keep going. The only time I rip is if I sew on the wrong piece!

So this month I had A Little Piece of Mind Quilt Shop of New Richmond order the book for me, and its now in my hot little hands! Finally! I was so happy they would special order it for me! Now I can continue adding stars and getting rosettes to their final stages. There are some diagrams online, but I really recommend getting the book. One - its a copyright issue. Two - its not easy to figure out which rosettes are only partially complete to fit them together correctly. Save yourself the headache; Willyne has already dont it for you.

Here is Rosette number 11. Complete!

And here is number 6. There will be multiples of some rosettes. You can see what I mean by the black stars.

Close up of the center. I did one type of stitch in the center, and another for the outside pentagons. The second hides better. Im not to worried about it either way, I work hard to hand piece them together so if some stitches show, so be it.

A bit of fussy cutting. This quilt is really addicting.

She's also written a second book with even more patterns. I am finding that English paper piecing is still challenging, and have thought of switching to hand piecing without papers like the book shows. I have also heard of people using their sewing machines to do these. So there are lots of possibilities!

Also, I know many are hand quilting this project, but this girl will be machine quilting it haha!

If you'd like to see all the amazing options JUST for this pattern, check out Pinterest. Millefiori Passacaglia. If its not for you, no problem! Still some yummy eye candy.

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