Embroidered Towels - A gift

About 8 years ago, my friend Betty started visiting a woman that was home bound due to MS. Her name was Paula, and Betty met with her quite often.

Paula was so grateful for the company and help of Betty, that she gifted Betty a set of Days of the Week hand embroidered dish towels that Paula's mother had made.

They were just adorable.

Thankful for the gift, Betty didn't want to use them, so she tucked them away, unsure of what to do with them. Eight years passed.

Paula's granddaughter is now going to have a baby. The baby is due in January.

Betty thought it would be wonderful to make a quilt for the new baby out of Paula's mothers towels, and put a label on it as to who made them.

She stabilized the blocks with interfacing, and because she had seven and they were various shapes, she offset them a bit to give it more balance.

Sashing and borders with a fun, whimsical fabric. Quilted with lovely loops and minimal outlining and detail in the blocks.

Little Adelyn Jo will have a new quilt made from the embroidered towels of her Great-great grandmother. ~

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