My Linen Practice

This is my first linen practice. I did 2 hankies for Christmas last year, and thought it was time to try some vintage practice once again. I got this hand embroidered linen piece at the local antique store. The blue thread around the floral area was puckering the fabric, so I pulled that out.

Now it lays flat, but there are holes in the fabric where the stitching was. No amount of water could get them out, so I opted to use that as a quilting guide.

I LOVE my purple marker. It disappears with water or air so once its on I have to stitch it right away. But it always comes all out and makes a bold line for me to follow (somewhat!)

I got the basics stitched on using one of my handy acrylic rulers. Still not perfect, and thats ok!

Here it is the next water... it literally just disappears!

I got the twin feathers on, and got out my purple marker again for some basket weave.

Outlining the florals...

...and more ruler work. You can see the purple is disappearing with air. After this I sprayed it all with water and the purple came back, then disappeared for good.

Now just to trim the edges. This was my first time with that style of basket weave, and the texture lines on the side. Im really happy with how it turned out! Here's some more pictures, and you can see it at my house hanging in the entry hall when you come to drop off/pick up quilts!

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