Services and Policies

 All quilting is done with my Innova 22 on a 12' frame. 


Quilting Prices


All pricing is by the square inch.  Quotes are available with accurate measurements, but do not include additional supplies, services, or tax.

To figure your square inches, multiply the length by the width of the quilt top, and then multiply by the cost. 

Edge to Edge Automated - .021

Edge to Edge Freehand - .023 - .025 depending on pattern

Semi Custom (center with 1-3 borders) - .025 -.035 per square inch

Custom - .035 and up per square inch.

*There is no set-up fee. 

*Minimum Edge to Edge - $30

*Minimum Semi Custom - $45

*Minimum Custom - $60


*Semi Custom and Custom quilting costs will depend on thread changes, quilting complexity and density.




I use Omni thread with 172 different colors to choose from. I also now carry a limited number of Glide thread, with 250 colors to choose from.  I am happy to order the thread color that works for your project. Thread costs are flat rate: $7




I carry Hobb's Premium 80/20 on the roll for your convenience.  Contact for a quote on pricing.  You can bring your own batting as well.   


Turn around time


Turn around time fluctuates based on the season. Most quilts are done within 2-3 weeks unless its needed faster.  Christmas and May are my busiest times.




Don't want to do your own binding?  I am happy to sew on your binding for you.  My bindings are all double fold bindings and are charged by the linear inch, depending on what you want done.  Contact me for a quote.  Prices start at .10 per linear inch.


Additional Services


Quilts need to be prepped before drop off. See my prepping page for guidelines. If you would like me to prep your quilts, I'm happy to do so.  Below are the charges for various work.  


Seaming back - $15

Trimming batting - $10

Trimming backing so its square - $10

Adding fabric to assure 5" average per side for loading - $10 per loader

Removing excess threads from the top - $5-$15

Seam Repair - $3-5 per seam, depends on size.

Applying borders or other Sewing Services - $25/hour




Payment is due within 7 days of completion.  If you cannot pick up your quilt within 7 days, payment still needs to be submitted, and you can pick up your quilt at another appointed time.  Payment after 7 days may result in a prepayment plan for future quilts.  If you have an emergency, please contact me, Im very flexible.


Acceptable of payment methods include:

Quickbooks invoicing - my preferred method



Paypal - accepts credit cards, debit cards, or checks.

Square - accepts credit cards or check cards.  I can do this right when you pick up. 

Venmo- Smart phone app similar to Paypal and Square



I enjoy every quilt that is shared with me, and I look forward to quilting with you!