How to Prepare Your Quilt


Here are some basic guidelines for prepping.  You are welcome to call and ask questions, but if I'm unavailable, this tells you everything you need to know to be ready for drop off.  I can provide some of these services for you for a fee.

*Maximum quilt width my frame can handle is 115".  As long as one edge of your quilt is smaller than 115, I can fit it on my frame. 

Quilt top: 


-No embellishments like buttons or beads until after the quilt is returned to you.


-Mark the top and backing if directional.  




-Two to three inches extra per side all around the quilt top.


-I have Hobbs Premium 80/20 on the roll for your convenience.  Its priced by the square inch, and you only pay for what is used.   I can give you a quote on request.




-Backing size: 4-6" extra per side all around the quilt top.    


-If buying wide-back that is cut off the bolt purchase an extra 1/2 yard for squaring up.  If it is tore off the bolt, then 4-6" is plenty. 


-Trim and straighten edges after piecing so edges are even for loading.

-If your backing has less than 4" extra per side I may need to add a piece of scrap fabric temporarily so I can continue with your quilting without bothering you for more fabtic.  The fee is $10 per seam.


-I will take sheets for backing.  I can also quilt denim, fleece, minky, jersey and more.  Upcycling is encouraged.