If you are mailing your quilt, print this form and include one for each quilt.  



Roxanne Dear

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Work Order


______________________________________     _________     ____________________________     _________________________________

Name                                                      Date          Phone                                     Email



Quilt Description:_________________________________________________________________________________________________



Width:__________ Length:_________


Quilting Requested:______________________________________________________________________________________________



Directional Top? ___________ Directional Back? ___________


Thread Color:_______________


Batting Included: Yes or No ________

Extra Sewing Needed: ________________________



Binding Needed?  Yes _____ Type of binding _____________________




May we post pictures of this quilt to Facebook and/or our website? Yes___ No___


Payment is by check, cash, or paypal. Paypal accepts credit cards, debit cards, or checks. All


payments must be submitted with 7 days of completion, regardless of quilt pickup to avoid


going on a prepayment plan.


I agree to the policies and fees posted on www.cubbyholequilting.com.


Signature:__________________________________________ Date:____________


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